Getzhop Multipurpose box Set 3 pieces 3 sizes - (G)

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Getzhop Multipurpose box box Set 3 pieces, 3 sizes - green. Division of clothing until unable to find a place to store The closet is full, not knowing where to put things. We have a choice for the housekeeper. No problems with clutter. Difficult to find Or even collecting clothes that are not used with karabada multi -purpose box Multipurpose fabric box That will make the housekeeper to easily store things, clothes and equipment, which we have 3 SET, 3 sizes for housewives to choose to put on things and clothes Also designed with compactness, not clutter, can be placed inside the house, any corner of the room Not blocking the entrance And also picked up Easy to search The color of the box is bright. Suitable for decorating in the house With modern patterns, luxurious, fabric, firm, durable, not torn easily Because it is made from good quality fabrics Ants, problems Or just this damp, you can be assured that Our multi -purpose fabric box Senior the housekeeper In storing clothes, as easy as this, easy to find, picking, easy to use So what will the housekeeper wait? Hurry and order as the owner now !!! BR>
Size Size S 35 x 25 x 20 cm


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